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Water Damage: What to Do If Your Apple® Device Gets Wet

We love our Apple devices! Furthermore, we've come to rely on them. They keep us connected to our family, friends and the world and we pay a lot of money to keep connected. What happens when these beloved devices get wet? Well, in most cases, we start to panic right away. If you have ever dropped your iPhone® device in a puddle on a rainy day or watched an iPad® tablet fall into a pool, you know very well what that panic feels like. Water can make an iPhone device or iPad tablet completely useless fairly quickly. Important components can become damaged the moment they come into contact with a liquid and in most cases, water damage will void your warranty. Before complete panic sets in and you start thinking about buying a new iPhone device or iPad tablet, there are a few steps that you can take to prevent lasting damage. Salt water, fresh water, muddy puddle . . . it makes a difference! You might find yourself enjoying an afternoon by the lake on your family's annual vacation or perhaps on a great vacation in the Caribbean while browsing the Internet on your device. It's important to note that the water found within lakes and rivers or even the ocean contains minerals and small grains of dirt and sand. Once your phone dries, these particles can cause more damage to your device's components. Bringing it in to your local Experimac store right away might make all the difference. Let our local experts dry and clean your device; they will ensure that all these particles are not a problem in the long run. Rice is not a savior Although many of you have possibly tried it, do not bother putting your iPhone device or iPad tablet in a bag of rice after you retrieve it from the bottom of the bathtub, pool or ocean. Despite the common myth, dry, uncooked conventional rice will do nothing to help your phone or tablet dry out. If it does turns back on after being put in the rice, it had nothing to do with the rice, we promise you it will be a waste of valuable time. Don't waste time! Power down, dry it off, and leave it alone It is critical to remove your device from the liquid as quickly as possible and then power it down immediately. Whether it's water, soda or juice, liquid can short-circuit electronics so you don't want your device soaking in liquid unnecessarily. Immediately turning off your iPhone device or iPad tablet will decrease the chances of internal components being short circuited. If your device has a SIM card, remove and dry that as well. No matter what, resist the urge to power your device back on! Instead, dry it off with a clean cloth focusing on the headphone jack and charge port. Grab your treasured device and head to your local Experimac so we can immediately get the ball rolling with our unique process. The sooner you bring the device in to Experimac, the greater the chance that we can save your device. The more time passes, the more likely it is that components inside your phone or tablet may begin to corrode as a result of their exposure to liquid. Again, time is of the essence. We will assess the damage and see if there is any way that we can save your iPhone device or iPad tablet. We will start by carefully drying any excess liquid and then we will gently scrub and remove any corrosion found on and inside your device. Then, we'll remove the logic board and apply a 91% alcohol solution to clean and dry it out thoroughly. Bringing in your iPhone device or iPad tablet in to Experimac right away can make all the difference in the world. Rest assured, there is hope If we are not able to save the device, we do have a large inventory of reasonably priced pre-owned iPhone devices and iPad tablets that you can purchase to replace your damaged device. Backing your device up on the iCloud® system or on your Mac® computer at home is critical because of these exact moments. If you have been doing that, you should have nothing to worry about. Experimac can help move your contacts, pictures, etc. into your new device for you. Know your warranty It's always important to review the terms of your warranty so you'll know what you're entitled to if you're ever in this situation. Liquid damage voids your manufacturer's warranty including any additional AppleCare® warranty coverage you may have purchased. Some third party insurance companies will cover submersion, spills, and accidental drops. If you are covered, consider filing a claim with your insurance company. Taking action right away and bringing your phone or tablet in to your local Experimac immediately can make a huge difference. So remember, when you or someone you know has the awful experience of watching their much loved iPhone device or iPad tablet go for a swim, Experimac's local experts are ready and waiting to save the day!