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Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner? Get These 5 Essential Apps!

Thanksgiving Day brings special meals and get-togethers, but it is an incredibly busy time of year. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving meal, establishing a plan can keep holiday chaos down to a minimum. We hope to help you focus on the big picture and the smaller, memorable details. Utilize these 5...

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Computer Making Scary Noises? Here's How to Diagnose Computer Noises

There are two scary moments in a computer user?s life: blue screen and scary noises. In most situations, a blue screen can be solved (at least temporarily) with a hard restart, but those ugly noises? Not so easy to figure those out.

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Want to Speed Up your Mac® Computer? Here's What Does and Doesn't Work

Working with a slow computer can be frustrating. Installed software taking a long time to load or websites not loading correctly can be signs of failing hardware, an outdated operating system, or a poor Internet connection. We?ve explored some of the common reasons users think their computer is...

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Finding Your Lost or Stolen iPhone® Device with the Find My® App

Do you remember that panicked feeling you had the last time you could not locate your iPhone device? Being without our iPhone device can make us feel lost or as if something is missing. We are truly dependent on these devices and to be honest, they are pricey gadgets so it is understandable that we...

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Surviving a Natural Disaster: Tech Tips and How Your iPhone® Device and Apps can Help

As summer comes to a close and the weather is starting to cool, we enter a new season of potential natural disasters. Potentially deadly and catastrophic natural disasters follow a pattern and are triggered by either pressure in the atmosphere, temperatures, or precipitation. Regardless of where...

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iTunes® service can't back up your Apple® device? Here's what to do.

Want to make 3D photos using your iPhone® device and post them on Facebook? Here's how.

Are you new to the Mac? Computer Family? If you are, there are things you need to know.

Make Back to School Easy for Your Student with Our Favorite Apps

What is an SSD (Solid State Drive)? And Why You Need One