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Our 5 Favorite Valentine's Day Apps

Valentine's Day is known universally as a celebration for everything love. It might be one day out of the year but these apps can be used at any time of the year to keep your relationship strong. Designed to help you strengthen your relationship, we are confident you will find these Valentine?s...

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Having Trouble with Google Maps on Your iPhone® or iPad® Device? Try this.

The advent of mapping systems on mobile devices has been revolutionary. People can now rely on their Apple devices more than ever for directions and exploration. It?s convenient, practical, and efficient. For some iPhone or iPad device users, Google Maps is the preferred mapping system even though...

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Manage Your Passwords in the New Year

It’s a new year and organization is on everyone’s mind. Our digital world brings ease, but also confusion and online safety concerns when there’s a password for every device and platform. Managing your passwords doesn’t have to be difficult. Password management apps are designed to help you...

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5 Reasons Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Mac® Computer is a Good Idea

Greet the Season with Top iOS® Apps for the Holidays

Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

New Year's Resolutions Just for iPhone® Device Users

Best Ways to Save This Black Friday

Black Friday is typically the start of the holiday shopping season. This time of year can be overwhelming for some shoppers when lines are longer and stores are busier. Begin your holiday shopping by saving time and money. Shop at Experimax for certified pre-owned Apple® products that have been...

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The Best Accessories to Bundle with Your Certified Pre-Owned Mac? Computer

When you purchase your certified pre-owned Mac computer from Experimax, check out some of the available accessories to go along with your system. Apple products are designed to increase the user?s productivity, functionality, and entertainment but having the right accessories is a part of that.

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Best Way to Get your Apple® Device Ready for Trade-In, In Time for the Holidays

The holidays are a good time to trade-in your Apple device. Experimax’s trade-in program is an affordable way to upgrade to a certified pre-owned Apple device or to off-set the purchase price of another device during the holiday season. Our certified pre-owned Apple devices are backed by our...

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