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Stolen iPhone? Device? Here's What You Need to Do

Theft of any kind can feel alarming. But, when it involves your iPhone device, it can seem like a different type of threat. Most people rely on their iPhone devices to remember and track a variety of information. Much of this information is private and should remain protected. If your iPhone device...

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The Best MacBook® Laptop You Can Buy: Apple MacBook Pro 13® Laptop

Laptops are still considered to be a logical and practical choice for virtually anyone. Even though it may seem most people use their mobile devices, there's nothing like working and creating on a laptop. When portability is a priority or simply working from your mobile phone or tablet isn't...

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Learn Your Family History with Our Favorite Genealogy Apps

Never before have we had such extensive - and easy - access to historical records, data and familial information. Families can create and research their family genealogy in a simplified way thanks to technology and the advancement of record-keeping.

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Mirror Your iPhone® Device to a Mac® Computer When You Need a Bigger Screen

The iPhone device, released in 2007, changed the way people interact, conduct work, participate in commerce and receive entertainment. The idea of constantly being connected simply by touching the phone screen to initiate commands was a novelty at the time. Increased productivity and engagement...

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Is Your MacBook Pro® Laptop Battery Having Issues? Here's The Fix.

If you are a MacBook Pro laptop owner, battery life is likely an important productivity issue for you. Portability is one of the most common reasons to purchase a laptop and it’s essential that your system works quickly and with full power when you’re on the go. If when you purchased your...

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Our 5 Favorite Valentine's Day Apps

Valentine's Day is known universally as a celebration for everything love. It might be one day out of the year but these apps can be used at any time of the year to keep your relationship strong. Designed to help you strengthen your relationship, we are confident you will find these Valentine?s...

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Having Trouble with Google Maps on Your iPhone® or iPad® Device? Try this.

The advent of mapping systems on mobile devices has been revolutionary. People can now rely on their Apple devices more than ever for directions and exploration. It?s convenient, practical, and efficient. For some iPhone or iPad device users, Google Maps is the preferred mapping system even though...

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Manage Your Passwords in the New Year

It’s a new year and organization is on everyone’s mind. Our digital world brings ease, but also confusion and online safety concerns when there’s a password for every device and platform. Managing your passwords doesn’t have to be difficult. Password management apps are designed to help you...

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5 Reasons Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Mac® Computer is a Good Idea

Greet the Season with Top iOS® Apps for the Holidays