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5 Tips for Business Owners: Choosing Best Technology for Your Business

Experimac means business! We understand that business owners are very busy and are often spread thin with multiple tasks requiring their attention at the same time. Having the right pieces of technology in place could make it easier to get it all done. Here are Experimac's top 5 tips for business owners when deciding on the right technology to power your business.
  1. Maintain Security Incorporating secure connections and safe storage isn't easy for any business, though it is the most important factor in running a successful business. Using computers, phones and tablets that offer security is vital. When it comes to protective technology, no one does it like Apple®. Products such as the iMac® and Mac Pro® are known for their resistance to viruses which takes one more worry off the table for business owners. Not to mention, these are reliable tools for any workplace.

  2. Become Mobile Your work tends to follow you wherever you go. Being able to access important documents and applications from the office, home or on the go is important for employees and executives. Apple's software and iCloud® storage has innovatively made it possible to share documents from your MacBook Pro®, to your iPad®, and even to your iPhone®. Investing in products that promote easy access on the go, wherever and whenever you need access, is a must for any business.

  3. Save Time and Money with User-Friendly Devices Purchasing user-friendly devices for your business will save you time and money. Time and money spent on training employees on using company computers and technology isn't necessary. Apple offers a variety of user-friendly programs, applications and software designed to be convenient and easy-to-use.

  4. Go Paperless From internal documents to presentations, making an office paperless can save your business money and space. It's also easy with the right tools. With the iPad and iMacs, there is no longer a need for paper in any company. Apple's large assortment of applications such as iCloud, TurboScan®, and TeamViewer® prevent the need for a scanner, fax machine, filing cabinet or copy machine.

  5. Keep Up with the Competition Technology continues to improve and progress, and impressing clients and maintaining a smooth-running business requires mastering technology. Incorporate technology by implementing easy to use devices that serve a multitude of purposes, such as the iPhone which is capable of many basic yet vital business functions: accessing documents, emailing, and of course communication via texting, calling, or VOIP (video over internet protocol, e.g. Facetime® or Skype®). Keeping up with the demands technology places on modern-day businesses is vital to the success of any business.

Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and iMac have revolutionized the business world. With secure software, powerful devices and countless applications, Apple has become the new face of technology in the workplace. Here at Experimac, we take pride in our services and products. We offer expert advice, savings on pre-owned devices as well as additional discounts on the purchase of multiple Macs®. Need help figuring out what you need in your office? Stop by your local Experimac to see what devices would best suit the needs of your business.