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5 High-Paying, High-Tech Careers

The world is turning to technology in more ways than ever. If you have the skills to launch a successful Information Technology (IT) career, you have the power to turn silicon into gold. From coding websites to keeping company interfaces from spiraling into oblivion, operators of the high-tech world are keeping up the digital front, and they are paid top dollar to do it. Here, we'll break down five high-paying IT careers and let you know how many 1's and 0's they earn.

Systems Engineer

When the company's system crashes, these IT specialists get the call. Their primary role is to maintain and support the system's hardware and software, and be able to provide technical information to non-technical users. This vital role earns a national median salary of $107,000 per year.

DevOps Engineer

These IT professionals are the bridge between coding and engineering. They help increase a company's productivity by creating IT systems that improve company processes. To earn the median salary of $120,000, you'll need experience with coding languages, software engineering and security systems along with strong analytical, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developers analyze business requirements and develop specifications for web-based applications. They also provide technical support to company web administrators. To become a Senior Web Developer earning a median annual salary of $124,750, you'll need several years of experience managing web properties.

Mobile Applications Developer

Mobile Applications Developers create applications for different tech platforms like Apple iOS® and Android®. They generally have experience coding with mobile frameworks and mobile development languages. They make up to $136,000 a year on average, and you can tell by the number of apps on your phone that they're in high demand.

Big Data Engineer

These IT pros transform large amounts of raw data into useful information used for company strategy-setting and decision-making. They create the systems needed to work with data sets that are too massive to be handled by traditional data-processing applications. The median national salary for a Big Data Engineer is $166,500.

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