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5 Apps for New Dads

Technology has given us the benefit of instant information, constant contact, and life-changing support during life’s most challenging and fulfilling times. The fact remains that it takes a village to raise a family. Even seasoned parents seek help with rearing and raising children, especially during the newborn days when life is a whirlwind. These 5 apps will help you make the most of your new role as Dad and make a great Father’s Day download:

1.  Baby Center’s Pregnancy Tracker and Baby Development Calendar

This app helps you countdown to your baby’s arrival - and beyond. It updates week-by-week, day-by-day and offers pregnancy tips with fetal development videos synced-up with your partner’s due date. Once your child is born, this app becomes a daily parenting guide which includes baby’s first year calendar, growth tracker, and more. It features a Sleep Guide and features Lullaby Music for Babies.  Sleep is a rare commodity for a new dad and this app is there for you during your sleep deprivation phase.

2.  Tinybeans Baby & Family Album

This app is a testament to the wonderful powers that technology can have for families. Tinybeans users can share baby’s milestones with family members. Loved ones can receive daily email updates so it keeps everyone in the loop about your family’s progress, regardless of their own technological capabilities because they don’t even need to have a smartphone. It’s a digital journal and scrapbook, a place for all your photos and videos. Photos can be printed and photo books created directly from the app. A highlight of this app is the flashback mode which helps you see how your baby has changed over time.

3.  Instacart

Groceries and other items delivered to your home will help everyone get through the first few weeks - and likely the first 18 years - of parenting. If you are a new customer, download the app and you will receive a discount. Simply compile your grocery list and set-up delivery. This app will give you one LESS “to do” to worry about. The best part of the app is that you decide the delivery time and you can monitor your delivery progress through the app.

4.  Care.com

It’s difficult to imagine anyone but you taking care of your child. But there will likely be a time when you are ready and comfortable with hiring outside child care assistance. The Care.com app helps match you with the right caregiver for your family. The app enables users to search and contact potential candidates; manage bookings, interviews, and payments; and receive instant alerts when an interested candidate/caregiver responds to your job posting. Helps ease the burden and worry of finding a responsible and nurturing child care assistant by utilizing the Care.com app.

5.  Baby Monitor 3G

This award-winning app takes two iPhone® devices or iPad® devices and turns them into one single baby monitor. Baby Monitor 3G works using two devices. One device is left in the room with the baby; the other device stays with you. Baby Monitor 3G features live video and pictures with night light. The highlight of this app is the lullabies which will soothe your baby. You will be able to hear and talk to your baby through the Baby Monitor 3G app, plus there is a detailed activity log with all sounds recorded. This app essentially replaces a traditional baby monitor because it works with an unlimited reach through Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, etc. Surely, this app will bring both dad and baby comfort.

These apps will enable you to make the most of technology so that your parenting life is a little easier. If you could use a little help with your Apple® devices or need to upgrade to a newer device, your local Experimax store is staffed by Apple product X-perts who are ready to help. We’ll make sure you maXimize your money and get the best product for your needs.