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3 Reasons to Buy Used Apple Products Over New

Whether you’re searching for a phone, tablet, or laptop, you want a device that provides all the features you need. Apple® provides a wide array of cutting-edge technology; however, purchasing a new model isn’t always feasible. Fortunately, buying a used Apple product will give you the benefits of a like-new item at significant cost savings.

Why Buy Used Apple Products?

1. Warranty

With a refurbished Apple product, you’ll receive a warranty just as you would with a new product, giving you valuable protection for the investment. If the device has any sort of defect, you can get it fixed or return it for a replacement.

2. Like-New Quality

There are stringent requirements for an Apple product to be certified as refurbished. Phones, computers, and tablets go through several inspections and tests from technicians to ensure they are working correctly. Before they’re resold, the devices are thoroughly cleaned and updated with the latest operating systems. In the end, they look and function the same as a new product.

3. Savings

The most significant benefit of buying a used Apple product is the cost savings. A pre-owned model will cost hundreds of dollars less than the retail price. In addition, some stores will buy your old device, giving you cash you can put toward your purchase and allowing you to save more money.


Buying used Apple products is an economical way to enjoy the latest technology with the same benefits of a brand-new item. To get high-quality pre-owned devices, stop by Experimac Aurora if you live in the Denver, CO, area. They carry many generations of the iPhone®, iPad®, and MacBook®, as well as a host of accessories. You can even take advantage of their trade-in or buyback programs. Even better, their products come with a 90-day warranty, giving you peace of mind that your purchase is protected. Call them today at (720) 870-6956, and visit them online for more details about their services and products.