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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Mac® Computer Over a PC

When purchasing a new computer, you will need to ask yourself some questions that will help determine which one is right for you. Your budget is obviously a major factor but also consider how long do you plan to use this machine and what will you primarily be using it for? These are fair questions that will lead you down a path toward the right machine for your lifestyle, budget, and use case.

Work in media and plan to upload a lot of high-resolution videos and images? You’ll definitely need a machine with a fast processor and a large hard drive. Mostly planning to just browse the web and keep in touch with family? You could probably go with a lower grade model without all the bells and whistles.

But, when it comes to purchasing a new computer there is one question that a lot of people ask themselves - should I get a PC or a Mac computer? To begin with, let’s clarify a common misconception – you can run Windows on a Mac computer. If that is your only reason for choosing a PC, there is a lot more you should be thinking about.

Twenty years ago, Apple, Inc.® released their first iMac® computer. The futuristic computer with a colorful, translucent back was all the rage and aimed to give consumers what they wanted most - access to the Internet, quickly and seamlessly. Since that release, Apple, Inc. has enjoyed a steady course of wowing the public with one product release after another. The iMac computer evolved, dropping the colorful look but continuing to be the all in one machine that Apple users love. Some may argue that in this 20-year span, PCs have mostly stayed the same.

Not sure whether a PC or a Mac computer is the right computer for you? Let’s talk about why we feel that Mac computers are a great choice for anyone that is looking for a new computer.

  1. Mac Offers a Seamless Integration Between Apple Products

    Are you an iPhone® device user? Well, having a Mac computer makes it easy to sync your devices to each other. Take a photo on your iPhone device, easily move it to your iMac computer for editing and sharing. Reading a book on your iPad® tablet? Sync it to your iPhone device for easy portability. The options are endless when you create an ecosystem of products that speak to each other without disruption.

  2. Apple is Consistently Updating its Operating System

    Apple’s OS® operating system is constantly being updated to fix bugs or upgrade usability concerns, and so much more. Furthermore, these upgrades are free (unlike similar upgrades for PCs). Apple, Inc. even sends out patches for older OSs so that those vintage Apple products continue running without issue.

  3. Apple Computers are Pricey but There is a Reason

    Apple computers are not only beautifully designed but their software also is intuitive, well maintained, and includes a lot of easy to use apps. Apple computers are built with high-quality materials that are sleek and sturdy. Apple, Inc. provides free access to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and video/photo editing software. All of these are paid software programs on a PC.

  4. Security is a Priority

    Security for Mac computers is top notch. There are no viruses in the wild for Mac computers as viruses can spread and mutate; that does not happen on a Mac computer due to the superior operating system (OS) design. Malware does exist but the truth is, Mac computers are not just attacked less, they are more secure from attacks. Attackers go for the easy target - PCs.

  5. Mac Computers Makes it Easy to Save Content

    Mac computers can save, without any real effort on the user’s part, to iCloud® service, a cloud-based data storage operated by Apple, Inc. Additionally, if you’re an iPhone device user, you can easily store all of your data from all of your Apple devices in the same cloud storage without having to do any sort of mapping and it can be left to run on its own in the background.

  6. Less is More

    You know that feeling you get when you are overwhelmed by the number of choices offered? We feel this when we are trying to pick a movie to watch or when we are at the market and can’t choose a salad dressing. Too many options can feel overwhelming and can make it difficult to differentiate between the options. There are a lot of brands making PCs, but only one company building Mac computers. With the standard set by the creators, Apple computers and products are built with a specific set of standards set forth by decades of research, experience, and attention to detail. The same cannot be said about PCs as a whole since there are many businesses creating these machines and no standard set to build from.

  7. Mac Computers Have Resale Value

    Mac users enjoy a few perks that Windows® users miss out on, including selling their computers at a decent price when they’re ready for an upgrade. And while PC users can sell their machines as well, historically, they don’t hold their value as well as Mac computers do.

  8. Mac Computer Screens are Superior

    While many PC users will argue this point, those who have used a Mac computer or MacBook laptop will surely agree that the quality of Retina displays on today’s Mac computers is second to none. Photographers, graphic designers, and others in visual fields would never consider anything but the anti-reflective, consistent screens of their Mac computer.

  9. Almost 1 Billion Active Users Can’t be Wrong

    Apple, Inc. knew what they were doing when they included two Apple logo stickers in every product that they sold. Fans of the technology company started sticking these stickers on their cars, skateboards, lockers, and anywhere they could find. Brand recognition is so important for any business and Apple, Inc. is one of the world’s most recognizable brands for many reasons but the guerilla marketing tactic they took with those stickers was genius. Apple’s loyal fanbase stands in line for hours to get new Apple products. They upgrade their technology often and with each new release, users often find new features they can’t imagine living without. It’s not as common to see a devoted and equally vocal PC user.

  10. Applications

    Apple’s App Store features thousands of apps for playing games, editing photos, streamlining processes, managing email and note taking and so much more. The app store isn’t limited to just mobile apps but also has apps for Mac computers as well. If you need the ability to work with others not using a Mac computer, there are many compatible programs that make this easy. The native Microsoft Office apps available on Mac computers have been rated by many users as better than the Windows versions; these native apps allow you to work with others who may be using those programs as their standard formats in a school setting or in the business world. In addition, there are many free apps such as Google Docs that will allow you to read and save documents in Microsoft Office formats. 

Mac computers have changed the way a lot of people use their computers. If you’re interested in learning more about Mac computers and how they can work for you, contact your local Experimac store to view their inventory and determine what best fits your needs.