We commit ourselves to establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers, while providing the absolute best store services possible. Through our Apple-related expertise, dedication to customer service, and always-improving ability to offer the best deals on used Apple equipment, we have watched our reputation and level of success grow steadily since our inception in 2009. We commit ourselves to giving our customers the absolute best service possible on a personal level and hope that our customers spread the word by telling everyone they know about the great products we have to offer.

How Experimax Works

Every computer we take in, whether it’s traded in or purchased through one of our many vendors, they are put through a set-up process. Initially, we look over the computer for any physical defects. Once we get the computer up and running, we clear any previous data on the computer. Then the computer’s operating system is re-installed and set up with Apple’s iLife suite. After fully updating the computer, we check all of the ports for complete functionality and clean the computers of stickers and markings. Once it has been through this strenuous process, you have yourself a beautiful, working Apple Computer.

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We take the risk out of buying a used computer. All used equipment is thoroughly tested and covered by our 90 day guarantee. If something breaks we will repair or replace the defective part at no cost to you.