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Sharing is Caring with iCloud® Service

Sharing is caring. Here's how to configure your iCloud service to make it easier for you to share your favorite, movies, music and photos with your family and friends.

First of all, what is the iCloud service?

iCloud is the Apple® service designed to keep all of your Apple devices, files and apps in sync, meaning your iPhone® device, iPad® tablet, iPod® device and even Apple computers can all be kept in sync. Synchronizing your Apple devices with the iCloud service means preventing data-loss. Family Sharing with the iCloud service means you can share important photos, songs, books, and files with up to six family members.

What exactly can the iCloud service do?

Now that we have covered what the iCloud service is, let's talk about everything it is capable of doing for you.

  1. Synchronize your calendar, emails and contacts
    Keeping updated tabs on everyone's busy schedules is nearly impossible without the iCloud service. Make life easier by having your entire family's calendar updated on your phone so you can keep track of appointments, meetings, parties, and even schedule changes. If you make a change to your calendar on your phone, that will be reflected on the calendar when you view it from your laptop later. You can also see your emails and replies to those emails as well as your contacts across all of your own devices.
  2. iTunes® Service
    Family Sharing has made sharing music with family easier than ever! Any downloaded music you save on your iCloud service is accessible to those on your Family Sharing plan. You can also share an Apple Music® account, making accessing thousands of songs less expensive than ever before. Time to get those playlists updated!
  3. iBooks® Service
    Are you an avid reader? The iBooks service is a dream come true! Are you a parent? Promoting reading with your children has never been easier! Have access to their iBooks account and subscriptions with Family Sharing. Similar to the iTunes service, the iBooks service becomes much more valuable as you can share downloads and some subscriptions with those on your plan.
  4. Photo Stream® Service
    How would you like to be able to access any of your photos from your iPhone device, on your iPad tablet or any of your other Apple devices? The Photo Stream service lets you do this and just as easily, you can share them with those on your Family Sharing plan.
  5. Find your iPhone Device
    Losing your phone can be extremely stressful, but the iCloud service has a feature to help should this happen to you. With Family Sharing, you can activate the "Find your iPhone" feature and set an alarm to find it using a family member's phone.

How do I configure this with my iCloud account?

An adult from your family, known as the "organizer", chooses what apps or features your family will share. Then, the organizer can invite up to five family members to share. Once you've invited family members to join, Family?Sharing is set up on everyone's devices automatically.

Are the iCloud service and Family Sharing still too much for you to figure out on your own? Or is it just not working right? Experimax can help! Contact your local Experimax store and our experienced techs can help you make the most of your family's Apple devices today.