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Apple® Desktop Computer Models: Pros and Cons. Why Should I Buy Certified Pre-Owned?

Which Apple desktop should you buy? Below, we weigh the pros and cons of each Apple desktop model and provide additional information on what you can expect when you purchase a certified pre-owned computer at Experimac. Here at Experimac, you don't need to sacrifice your needs or wants because of expense. At Experimac, you get the original tech at a fraction of the original price. Our customers save an average of 60% on our certified pre-owned Apple products over big box retailers. The certified pre-owned computers we carry have undergone a rigorous evalualuation. Our techs inspect, grade, clean and test all of our pre-owned products and install the latest licensed operating system available. In order to be sure these computers work just as well as they did the day they were first used, all components of the computer are thoroughly examined, tested and retested to ensure quality and reliability. Even after this thorough examination, Experimac is still able to bring you certified pre-owned computers at a fraction of the original price. Additionally, when purchasing from Experimac, you have the opportunity to see the product in person yourself, ensuring a safe transaction from a reputable retailer.

Mac Pro® Desktop Computer

The iMac® computer, Mac Pro computer and the Mac Mini® computer are all Apple desktop options. The Mac Pro is the king of all Apple devices. It's motto "Built for creativity on an epic scale" is very fitting, as this computer is a powerhouse. However, if you're not running Pro level software such as Final Cut Pro X®, Logic Pro X®, or any others of that caliber, then the Mac Pro computer is most likely more machine than you need. If you like the idea of a powerful desktop but don't need the strength of the Mac Pro computer, consider taking a look at higher-end iMac® models.

iMac Desktop Computer

The iMac computer comes in various sizes and capabilities, most of which are more powerful than the Mac Mini computer, yet not as powerful as the Mac Pro computers. The entry-level iMac computers offer similar abilities to that of the Mac Mini computer; if investing in an iMac computer, it is wiser to go with the higher end variations. The iMac computer is the perfect choice for working at home and gaming.

Mac Mini Desktop Computer

The Mac Mini computer is a great at-home, general desktop to be used for basic functions such as exploring the Internet or creating basic documents. Though it is not as strong as other Apple desktops, the Mac Mini computer is a wonderful option for those looking for a very basic, energy-efficient device. The Mac Mini desktop is a great option for a first Mac computer or for anyone who doesn't need a powerful device. You can't go wrong with any of Apple's products; they are beautifully designed and are powerful machines built to last. However, with so many options, it can be frustrating picking the perfect model. Stop by your local Experimac today to get more information on all of our certified pre-owned Apple desktop computers and find out which model fits your needs best.