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Pre-Owned Tech For The Win

Yes, it is tempting to empty your savings account to stand in the 3-hour-long line for the newest iPhone®. As much fun as that sounds, you're much better off snagging the last latest-and-greatest model that everyone just traded in. New tech is like a new automobile. The purchase is exhilarating, but the minute it's yours, the price plummets. Studies show that 95% of tech that gets traded in is returned simply because the user wants a newer model. Here are three excellent reasons why you should consider buying pre-owned tech for your next upgrade.

Take Advantage Of Cost Savings

When the iPhone 12® hit the shelves, many folks instantly concluded that the once similarly sought-after iPhone 11® had to go. With the frantic ripping of tape and clicking of mouses, millions of iPhone 11® smartphones were sent first-class to pre-owned retailers and online shops across the country. This is only one example of great gear that gets discarded on a whim. When the nation's FOMO results in top-quality tech getting the boot, it's time for you to make your move. At the first sign of consumer frenzy, you'll want to head straight to a certified pre- owned dealer that can provide premium tech products at a fraction of the original cost.

Retailers With Certified Tech Offer More

To ensure that you're getting the best possible deal for the best possible price, stick to tech retailers that put their pre-owned inventory through a certification process. These retailers can also provide information on the device's specs and other vital details that you'll want to have. Many tech retailers also carry a wide selection of accessories so you can trick out your new gear for less. Be sure to choose a company that services what they sell and provides a standard warranty.

Help The Environment

Our consumer culture is great for the economy, but it can take a significant toll on our environment. US consumers send almost seven million tons of e-waste, including discarded phones, cameras, computers and other high-tech devices, to our landfills each year. Chemicals that leach from these items wreak havoc on the planet and can seep into our groundwater. So, aside from getting a great deal on your next upgrade, you're also playing a vital role in protecting planet Earth.

Smart consumers know that being on the cutting-edge is not really about getting the latest gear. It's more about getting the latest and greatest deal on the high- tech gear you need. At Experimax, you'll find an incredible variety of premium, pre-owned tech products like Apple MacBook Pro®, iPhone 11® and Apple AirPods® at prices that work well for your wallet. Ask any of our friendly staff about our Experisure 90-day warranty when you arrive.