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Black History Month: Let's Celebrate and Educate with our Favorite Apps

February is Black History Month! This annual celebration of the role of Black Americans in US history is a time to reflect upon the achievements of Black Americans of the past, and a look at how tolerance and equality should improve for the future.

We have selected some apps centered around the theme of Black History Month that are designed to help celebrate and educate.

  • NMAAHC Mobile Stories This app, provided by the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, offers information from 12 exhibitions depicting how American values such as spirituality, resiliency, and optimism are reflected in African American history and culture. Set up as a virtual museum, app users can watch videos, look through images or read articles and truly explore the stories and historical events essential to black history.

  • More Than a Mapp Inspired by the PBS documentary More Than a Month, this app was designed to help users discover and preserve Black History. The app allows users to see locations nearby that offer historical significance to black history. Find local landmarks, monuments or other significant locations. You can also select any point on a map and add your own black history point, which is then considered and assessed by the app's experts.

  • 2016 Black History Month "BHM" Trivia Game Put your knowledge of Black Heroes and facts to the test with this trivia game! This app is simple and straightforward and is a great way of getting younger family members to participate in Black History Month awareness.

  • Black History Tribute This app was created in the hope of educating users about famous African Americans, who they are and what they did to improve science and the arts and other venues. Once in the app, you'll see famous black artists, scientists, writers, politicians, and more, as well as their stories.

At Experimac, we hope you will take the time to review your knowledge of Black History in America and celebrate the many contributions made by countless Black Americans to our society. Have you learned something new today? These apps will give you the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you're having difficulty viewing these apps on your Apple® devices, stop by your local Experimac store and we'd be happy to have a look at your device and help you get everything working again.