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The Best MacBook® Laptop You Can Buy: Apple MacBook Pro 13® Laptop

Laptops are still considered a logical and practical choice for virtually anyone. Even though people are using their mobile devices more than ever, there’s nothing like getting productive and creating on a laptop. When portability is a priority or simply working from your mobile phone or tablet isn’t enough, a laptop is top-choice. If you’re in the market for a laptop, there’s a wide assortment of options.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to understand the differences between system models.

Apple, Inc.® laptops are a viable option for photographers, coders, gamers, video editors, audio experts, students – and everyone in between. It is well-known that Apple, Inc. creates superior computing systems. Tech experts often agree that nothing compares to the MacBook Pro 13 laptop.

Why is the MacBook Pro 13 Laptop the perfect choice?

It is the ideal laptop choice that offers a powerful system that sustains its value and performance. This system is considered Apple, Inc.’s affordable luxury. It’s known for its integrated graphics, high bandwidth, and desktop-like performance. The best features of this laptop include the Retina Display, the up to 10 hours of battery life, and the fact that it is configurable up to 16GB memory. With memory like this, users can run multiple apps while the system is operating which means more productivity, more quickly.

In addition to those highlights, the MacBook Pro 13 laptop also comes with two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, a feature which reduces the price compared to a four-port device, and a quad-core Core i5 processor. This system is known to perform more quietly and it’s lightweight which appeals to those who work on the go.

This system is the ideal MacBook laptop for the budget-conscious consumer who understands the value of Apple, Inc. products but can’t afford to go all out. This laptop proves what can happen when productivity and creativity collide. As always, macOS®, the operating system that powers a Mac® computer, will support a variety of media including apps for streaming, podcasts, music and more. Other popular apps include Photos®, iMovie®, GarageBand®, Keynote®, Pages®, Numbers®, Facetime® and Safari®.

It should be noted that Apple laptops are equipped with accessibility features that can assist users with disabilities so they can utilize all the features of their MacBook Pro laptop. This includes built-in support for vision, hearing, mobility, and learning. These support features include Voice Control and Voice Over, Zoom, Increase Contrast, Reduce Motion, Siri® and Dictation, Switch Control, Closed Captions, and Text to Speech. 

Apple, Inc. offers a wide range of accessories that support the MacBook Pro 13 laptop so that you can improve your productivity, creativity or performance. If you are looking for the best deal possible on a MacBook Pro 13 laptop, you’ll want to stop by your local Experimax store to test a certified pre-owned model for yourself. Our local tech Xperts will show you any features you’re curious about and answer all of your questions. With our warranty, Experisure, you can purchase with peace of mind.